скачанные файлы (1)With over 15 million residents, Los Angeles County is the most populated, and one of the most multicultural counties in the entire United States. The sheer size of our County presents inherent problems for many of our citizens. The residents of Los Angeles deserve a criminal justice system that is adequately prepared to combat the complexities of such a diverse region while balancing the needs of our citizens with the economic realities of our State. It is imperative that the next District Attorney be prepared to address both the crime on Los Angeles’s streets and the deficits on County spreadsheets. That is why I’m in the Los Angeles District Attorney race for 2012.

Projected budget cuts to the State court system are estimated to be as much as $80 million in 2011. Numerous law enforcement agencies, have warned that budget cuts will diminish the effectiveness of the LAPD. Moreover, the State is proposing to shift many justice system costs to local counties, such as Los Angeles. This will inevitably result in cuts to law enforcement. We cannot allow criminals to profit from our deficit.

After more than two decades fighting against gangs, domestic abusers, and serial murderers, I know that Los Angeles must stay vigilant, despite the economic difficulties we face. I will ensure that the District Attorney’s Office has the resources to continue the fight against violent criminals by taking an all-encompassing approach to our challenges. It is only through coordinated effort that we can obtain results. I will continue to work with our partners in the courts, law enforcement, and the defense bar to address inefficiencies in our justice system, just as I have for the last 23 years.