Battle Local Corruption

In tough economic times, our citizens should be able to sleep soundly, knowing that their local government is able to protect them, rather than fear for their safety while government wastes hard earned tax dollars. The recent revelations in the city of Bell are prime examples of possible corruption abuses in Los Angeles County. Bobby Grace is in the Los Angeles County District Attorney race for 2012 to ensure that city officials, consultants, and lobbyists stop using local city treasuries as their personal bank accounts.

  • Bobby Grace will shine a light on the illegal contracts and conflict of interest dealings that plague local politics and aggressively pursue city employees who sign illegal consulting contracts with their employers.
  • Bobby Grace will vigorously enforce the Brown Act, to make certain that voters know what is going on in their City Council meetings.
  • Bobby Grace will never shy away from investigating city officials who approve illegal pension deals with city administrators.
  • Bobby Grace will continue to staff and support the fine work of our Public Integrity Division and make sure that they have the resources to investigate corruption across Los Angeles County.